Small business owners must understand every aspect of their company, including technology. Whether you need to build a website, set up a mobile payment system, manage your customer information, or improve your social network presence, we can help. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Individual training: Learn one on one with our trainers.
$90/60 minutes, $30/each additional 30 minutes

Group training: Is your company switching to the newest operating system or rolling out tablets to the sales force? We can provide your team with the training they need to avoid lost productivity. Contact us for rates and more information.

Custom training packages: Let us come up with a creative solution for your company’s training needs. Contact us for more information.

Training Topics

Learn the basics (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Organize and Edit Photos (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Organize and Edit Videos (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Organize Music in iTunes (Mac or PC)
Record and Create Music (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Build a Website (Mac or PC)
Using Your Word Processing Software (Mac, PC, or Tablet)
Create Spreadsheets (Mac, PC, or Tablet)
Design Slidehow Presentations (Mac, PC, or Tablet)
Understand Social Networking (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Video Conference with Skype and FaceTime (Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet)
Digital Camera Basics